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Any Future You Want

You can create any future you want - and quicker than you think

Where To Tap

Here are the points to tap on:

(If any of these points are physically difficult for you to reach, for any reason, just ignore them. EFT will still work perfectly well)

To start

There are two ways you can "tune yourself in" to your issue (before you start tapping properly around the body).

The first is to tap on the karate chop point (point 0). Use your dominant hand to tap your non-dominant hand. This is usually your right hand tapping your left.

The second (and more powerful way) is to tap both "sore points" at the collarbone (point 7).

To find the collarbone point, run your finger down the front of your neck until it hits that little dent in the top of your ribcage. Next, go down an inch or two, and across an inch or two. If you rub hard, you'll find a point (on each side) that is often sore. It's a cluster of lymph nodes (ie, when your body is removing junk from its system, it will collect there).

After you feel yourself starting to get emotional about the issue, then you can start tapping around the body.

One full round

Start at the top of the head (point 1) and just work down your body to the bottom.

Tap on both sides of the body at once. Tap 5-10 times on each point.

A full set from the top to the bottom is often called "one round". Do three or more rounds per issue, until you feel like it's no longer a problem, or funny, or you feel peaceful about it.

(If you're feeling particularly co-ordinated, you can alternate strikes either side of the body. L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R - until you've done 5-10 on both sides.  This isn't critical; I've never figured out how to do it well, it's just slightly more effective than hitting both sides at once).