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Quick Start Guide

Please note: This is only a brief introduction. For full background information & a ton of resources, please go to the World Center for EFT at http://emofree.com

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EFT works on the basis that all negative emotions are caused by disruptions in the body's energy system. Tapping breaks up those disruptions, allowing the body and mind to quickly heal itself.

The Tapping Points

EFT tapping points

(If any of these points are physically difficult for you to reach, for any reason, just ignore them. EFT will still work)


  1. While tapping the karate chop or collarbone points, say 3 times "Even though I 'X' I deeply & completely love and accept myself" (where 'X' is your problem).
  2. Note how strong the problem feels, on a scale from 0-10 (0 is nothing, 10 is worst ever).
  3. Tapping 5-10 times on each point, on both sides of the body at once, loop from points 1-10 as many times as you like. At each point say 'X' (where 'X' is your problem). Whatever happens Keep Tapping.
  4. Take a deep breath and let it all go
  5. Measure how strong the problem feels now (0-10), and if needed, loop through again.

How EFT Works

By raising a strong reaction in yourself, you 'tune yourself' (like a tuning fork) into the problem you're trying to resolve.

By continuing to tap around the energy (meridian) points, you smooth out the internal energy flow surrounding this particular issue. Your body can then heal itself without impediment.

You will feel your initial reaction subside, often very quickly.

Once you have done that, if you want, you can then start working your way towards a positive, replacement belief. (eg from "I'm angry at John because of blah" to "I choose to accept John the way he is", or even "I love John" etc)



EFT is not a replacement for existing treatments. This document does not represent medical advice.

If you're already energy aware you may notice that initially, EFT seems to disrupt your existing energy flows. This is very normal. It's just other, buried things coming up. Just tap through anything that comes up, and you will feel things settle back, clearer and sharper than before.

Some Examples

Here are some examples. It's good to tap on things even if you think they're not relevant. If you tapped on "Even though I'm a purple cabbage" (which you're obviously not), it wouldn't hurt in the slightest. Same here.

Setup (while tapping karate chop or collarbone points):
Even though I'm afraid of change, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Tapping (around all the points, both sides of body, as many loops as you like):
I'm afraid of change.

Even though I'm angry because John was rude to me, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself.
I'm angry because John was rude to me.

Even though I'm stressed about getting this project finished...
I'm stressed about getting this project finished.

Even though I'm depressed because I haven't got any money...
I'm depressed because I haven't got any money.

Always be as specific as possible. Take a deep breath after. If other things pop into your head while you're tapping, make a mental note, and tap on them afterwards.

Where To Go From Here

You can experience incredible growth by making a list of every negative thought or emotion you experience and tapping through each in turn. To start with it may feel like you'll be tapping forever, but you'll soon realise that problems are going away and not coming back.

Experiment. Have fun.

Tap on anything and everything. It's free, and takes very little time at all.

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