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Any Future You Want

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Over Generalisation

Often when one thing goes wrong, we will feel like everything is going wrong. Suddenly we will see all the different aspects of our lives that aren't to our liking, and reach the conclusion that "everything is broken". A healthier response is to see the problem as what it really is: One localised problem, in one small area of our lives.

Even seemingly major problems (eg being kicked out of your home or job), when put in context are never as serious as they may first seem. We still have our health, the love of those close to us, arms, legs and the freedom to make choices and improve our lives in many powerful ways. Once we are able to step past the initial shock, often these serious kind of changes can bring about the most positive transitions in our lives.

Here's a tapping to help us keep problems in perspective.


The setup

While continually tapping the karate chop or collarbone points, say the following phrases, and as you do, pay attention and pick out the one that has the biggest effect on yourself:


Tapping out the negative

now loop through three entire loops (from crown through to wrists) using the phrase you picked out, and saying:

then take a deep breath, and let it all go

Tapping in the positive

finally, loop through as many times as you like, saying the following (one sentence at each point). If any of the phrases resonate with you, feel free to say it over and over as many times as you like. Continue until you feel relief & calm.