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Any Future You Want

You can create any future you want - and quicker than you think

Fearing Change

Humans adapt to new situations very quickly.

It's quite normal for us to become accustomed to something, even if that new thing is actually terrible for us.

Worse, once we're settled into that way of being, we become afraid of change, even if that change would benefit us.

One thing EFT will do a lot is change your life. Always for the better.

So, it's best for us to get rid of this fear of change.


The setup

While continually tapping the karate chop or collarbone points, say the following phrases, and as you do, pay attention and pick out the one that has the biggest effect on yourself:


Tapping out the negative

now loop through three entire loops (from crown through to wrists) using the phrase you picked out, and saying:

then take a deep breath, and let it all go


Tapping in the positive

finally, loop through as many times as you like, saying the following (one sentence at each point). If any of the phrases resonate with you, feel free to say it over and over as many times as you like. Continue until you feel relief & calm.